Spotlight on… ¡Salamanca!

salamanca_de_nocheFrom the beguiling Baroque grandeur of the 18th-century Plaza Mayor to the eclectic array of music-thumping nocturnal establishments packed with students, Salamanca is the ultimate city of contrasts. On one hand, as you stroll through Salamanca’s centuries-old streets and gaze up at one stunning building – some dating as far back as the 13th century – after another, you can’t help but fall victim to the infectious charm and sense of history emanating from every cobbled stone, every sculpted façade and every picturesque square. The city boasts an unmistakable air of dignity and prestige due to its resplendent architecture and prestigious historical background as a seat of learning and hub of thought. On the other hand, the thousands of students from Spain and abroad who attend Salamanca’s university – originally founded in the 12th century – infuse the ancient city streets with a youthful vibe and constant activity… not to mention so many bars and clubs that Salamanca poses a legitimate threat to Madrid’s title as “nightlife capital of Europe”.

Along with enough nocturnal fun to satisfy any night owl, Salamanca also has the must-see sights and cultural offerings typical of a city several times its size and a dynamic personality that’s all its own. Take the time to peruse old noble palaces, search for elusive frogs, astronauts and ice cream cones (you’ll figure out what we’re talking about), tour the cathedrals (yes, there are two!), visit museums, try out the local specialties, check out the nightlife, marvel at the stunning university building, take day trips to delightful hamlets like Ciudad Rodrigo or Ávila… the possibilities are endless!

If you want to get to know Salamanca along with its sights, its atmosphere and its people, then a study abroad program – even if only for a week or two – is an experience that you simply can’t let slip through your fingers. After all, while passing through as a quick excursion from Madrid will provide you with tons of great pictures to wow the folks back at home with, Salamanca really isn’t the type of city you can get to know in a day; in fact, once you’re here you’ll find it hard to leave! Plus, learning a bit of Spanish can’t hurt, right? To be practical for just a moment, keep in mind that being able to communicate in Spanish is a plus on any CV, not to mention an unbeatable “in” with the locals.

SalamancaWhat’s more, we don’t operate under the illusion that the high point of your study abroad experience is the time spent sitting in our classrooms. We offer an interesting and successful range of courses for all interests and levels to ensure a linguistic immersion program with results, but what we really want is to see you have the ultimate Salamanca experience, combining new Spanish skills with plenty of tourism, cultural visits, excursions and fun. That’s one of the objectives behind the design of our school; not only is it located right smack in the center, but it also has that that same old-but-young vibe that characterizes Salamanca. Sure, we’re a modern school with fantastic amenities, yet we’re also housed in a former convent built of that same glimmering sandstone that gives Salamanca its “golden city” nickname. It’s the best of both worlds!

Learn Spanish in Salamanca and let us help you discover what all the hype is about!

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