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For over nine months, Enforex has been maintaining and updating this official blog, in which you can find news and articles about Spain, information about our schools and courses, pictures and videos as well as all promotions available at any given time.

Contribute Enforex blogWhat’s more, the blog is a stepping stone from which you can directly access the profiles that Enforex has on the most important social networks, both personal and multimedia, as well as monthly editions of the newsletter.

Starting today, we want to invite all those students who have been part of our school to tell us how about their experience and what it meant for them. Anyone can send us a message and tell us about the time spent with us in Spain: friends made, classes taken, thoughts about the city, the nightlife, what they learned… What’s more, anyone who wants to send us a comment can do so in their own language as, while all of our publications are in English, we have a large and experienced team of translators that can translate and correct numerous languages.

You can use your imagination, and we’ll do all the rest. We can’t wait for your stories!

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