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Spotlight on… ¡Salamanca!

salamanca_de_nocheFrom the beguiling Baroque grandeur of the 18th-century Plaza Mayor to the eclectic array of music-thumping nocturnal establishments packed with students, Salamanca is the ultimate city of contrasts. On one hand, as you stroll through Salamanca’s centuries-old streets and gaze up at one stunning building – some dating as far back as the 13th century – after another, you can’t help but fall victim to the infectious charm and sense of history emanating from every cobbled stone, every sculpted façade and every picturesque square. The city boasts an unmistakable air of dignity and prestige due to its resplendent architecture and prestigious historical background as a seat of learning and hub of thought. On the other hand, the thousands of students from Spain and abroad who attend Salamanca’s university – originally founded in the 12th century – infuse the ancient city streets with a youthful vibe and constant activity… not to mention so many bars and clubs that Salamanca poses a legitimate threat to Madrid’s title as “nightlife capital of Europe”. Continue reading…

Beating the Wintertime Blues in Spain

Cold SpainNow that we are on our way to recovery from the two-week food binge that is Christmastime in Spain, it’s time to think about how to take full advantage of the rest of the Spanish winter and get 2010 started off on a memorable note! After all, as tempting as it may be to curl up with a blanket and go into a state of near hibernation until April (we understand – it’s our first inclination too), the winter provides a host of opportunities in Spain for those willing to go after them.

When the temperatures plummet, our natural instinct is of course to spend as little time outside as possible, braving the cold only when necessary and even then scrambling from one heat-blasting establishment to another. The winter months hardly see the kind of tourism that their springtime counterparts see, which – fortunately for us – translates to shorter lines, less expensive hotel rooms, cheaper air fares and crowdless tourist attractions. Keeping all of this in mind, winter can actually be the ideal time of year to visit museums, hunt out cozy cafés, take in a show at the theater or partake in the nationwide rebajas, part post-Christmas sales and part full-contact, every-man-for-himself sport. Continue reading…


“Salamanca Ciudad del Español” Discount Card

If you are a student in Salamanca, you can now enjoy discounts in shops and places of interest across the city. All you need to do is request your free “Salamanca Ciudad del Español” discount card, filling out the following details: Continue reading…


Contribute to the Official Enforex Blog

For over nine months, Enforex has been maintaining and updating this official blog, in which you can find news and articles about Spain, information about our schools and courses, pictures and videos as well as all promotions available at any given time. Continue reading…


Spanish in Spain Semester

Study in SpainWhy not make this semester a Spanish in Spain semester? We offer a variety of Spanish classes in Spain’s most popular cities tailored to all imaginable levels. Upon your arrival you’ll take a placement test to determine the most effective class for your level. We teach with the ultra-modern Communicative Approach, so in our classes you will acquire Spanish by having real-life conversations with the teacher and never rote-learning abstract grammar. Continue reading…


Salamanca’s offer has been extended!

Our offer to study Spanish in Salamanca has been just extended until August 30th, the deadline for this great promotion! Continue reading…


Take an edu-vacation in Spain!

Summer in SpainHere we are, already nearly halfway through July and, as it tends to do, the summer that we so anxiously await each year is flying by. But don’t fret! There’s still plenty of time to turn summer 2009 into an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, so if you’re looking for a fun, unique and rewarding summer adventure to tell your friends about, Spain has just what you’re looking for.

Spaniards adore the long, sunny days and warm evenings of summer and make the most out of each day, enjoying all that their country has to offer and happily encouraging visitors to do the same. Along with year-round attractions like museums, palaces and historical sights spanning the centuries, there are a few aspects of Spain that are best experienced in summer, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Continue reading…


The Value of the Spanish Language

learning spanish in SpainThe recent conference regarding the value of the Spanish language enjoyed the participation of all of the sectors involved in the teaching of Spanish as a second language: the Instituto Cervantes, the Junta of Castilla and León, Turespaña and even universities, private schools and agencies. Thanks to the collaboration of all participants, distinct points of view were exchanged and the current situation and future prospects of the Spanish language were analyzed.

The event was held at the Conference Center in Salamanca (Spain) and was attended by 500 people dedicated to the sector as well as by university students. Continue reading…

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