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Halloween, Spanish Style

Only recently have we started celebrating Halloween in Spain. True: it is not an official holiday, and some people don’t like it because it is “imported” or “disrespectful to the dead;” but it is also very popular and it becomes more so every year. Continue reading…


April 23, World Book Day

As you may have in many advertisements in many places, April 23 is World Book Day. With all probability, there is a fair or a commemorative event being celebrated in your hometown with that occasion and, while you walk through the former or assist to the latter, you may wonder why precisely this is day celebrated when people read books every day. Continue reading…


Characters who Give out Gifts in Spain

A friend of ours told us that, once, when he was little, he asked his grandmother how the Three Kings were able to bring toys on time to all the children in Spain. The old woman, who knew many of the old traditions, told the boy that the kings weren’t the only ones who gave out gifts on Christmas. In fact, there were many who helped them. Continue reading…


Controversial Spanish Christmas Habits

The Christmas season is one of those times when living in a foreign country might become quite complicated: there is a different way to celebrate it in every country, and each of them has its own customs. Spain is no exception. But we must admit that some of these traditions are ‘problematic’. Let us explain what we mean: there are some traditions that are not even clear to ourselves, so if you witness any of the scenes we are about to describe rest assured that the rest of the people around you will be as puzzled about them as yourself.

Continue reading…


The Holy Week (Semana Santa)

The Holy Week is that time of year when Christians commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It uniquely blends solemnity, gravity and celebration – in fact, there is plenty of celebration. Even though practically every village in the country has its own rites, certain things are quite common. Let us go through some of them. Continue reading…


Where does St. Valentine’s Day Come From?

Come February 14, everything is crammed with hearts. It’s the day of love – St. Valentine’s Day. But… what did this Saint do to become the patron of those in love? Continue reading…

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