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Spanish as a Foreign Language Teachers

Spanish is a language that is gaining more and more importance. We are not only speaking about the cultural sphere, but also in the scientific and even socio-politic fields. This is one of the reasons why becoming a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language is starting to be an option of work for many people.

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Enforex participation in the III Meeting for ELE Teachers

The III Meeting for ELE Teachers (Encuentro para Profesores ELE), organized by the Fundación Comillas, will take place in Comillas on November 10, 11 and 12. Under the theme “Competence of ELE Teachers: Knowledge and Strategies to Develop Tasks in the Classroom”, it will include lectures, round tables and exchanges aimed at addressing all the needs of the ELE teaching staff. Continue reading…


Enforex takes part in Spanish as a Second Language Congress: “II Encuentros ELE Comillas”

The training course, titled “The teacher of Spanish as a Second Language: methodology, techniques and resources for the classroom”, will take place during the congress “ II Encuentros ELE Comillas” on 18 – 20 November. During the course, various aspects and methodologies of the teaching of Spanish as a second language will be discussed, while at the same time new approaches to language learning will be suggested. The general aim is to provide teachers and professionals active in this line of work with the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and new developments in language research. Continue reading…

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