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Spain on Top: The Best Wine, Olive Oil, Cheese… Really is from Spain!

You have some time to yourself and are sitting down to a simple but elegant meal. You’ve prepared a lovely salad complete with Italian olive oil, accompanied by some superb French cheeses and a glass of the best French wine. Sucker! You should know that if you’d chosen these products from Spain they would have been even more delicious!
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Spanish Chefs

Many people would agree that Spanish food is usually one to tickle the taste buds, but the famous chefs in Spain go further than that. Cuisine is an artistic creation to entice all your senses, and the Spanish are aware of that. Spain boasts a number of Michelin star restaurants, seven of which have been awarded the maximum rating, and three of which are in this year’s top ten restaurants of the world! So, let’s have a look at the chefs behind the magic…

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International Paella Contest in Getxo – Spain

Getxo, or Guecho in Spanish, is a Basque town in the province of Biscay, northern Spain. It only has about 83,000 inhabitants and is mostly a residential area, yet every year it hosts the International Paella Contest.

Another perfect excuse to have a party, this town hosts the paella festival every 25th July on Santiago Day, and attracts around 30,000 visitors. Continue reading…

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