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The Best Summer Destinations to Learn Spanish

Are you thinking about learning Spanish this summer? Read on to find more about the best summer destinations for you to go to…

Spain is a beautiful country with so many unique towns and cities to visit, but if you’re thinking of going during the summer, then the temperature is worth bearing in mind, as in inland Spain temperatures can soar to often unbearable heights.  Coastal regions are more pleasant during the summer months, and of course you have the added bonus of going to the beach after you have finished your day in the classroom!
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Beating the Wintertime Blues in Spain

Cold SpainNow that we are on our way to recovery from the two-week food binge that is Christmastime in Spain, it’s time to think about how to take full advantage of the rest of the Spanish winter and get 2010 started off on a memorable note! After all, as tempting as it may be to curl up with a blanket and go into a state of near hibernation until April (we understand – it’s our first inclination too), the winter provides a host of opportunities in Spain for those willing to go after them.

When the temperatures plummet, our natural instinct is of course to spend as little time outside as possible, braving the cold only when necessary and even then scrambling from one heat-blasting establishment to another. The winter months hardly see the kind of tourism that their springtime counterparts see, which – fortunately for us – translates to shorter lines, less expensive hotel rooms, cheaper air fares and crowdless tourist attractions. Keeping all of this in mind, winter can actually be the ideal time of year to visit museums, hunt out cozy cafés, take in a show at the theater or partake in the nationwide rebajas, part post-Christmas sales and part full-contact, every-man-for-himself sport. Continue reading…


Take an edu-vacation in Spain!

Summer in SpainHere we are, already nearly halfway through July and, as it tends to do, the summer that we so anxiously await each year is flying by. But don’t fret! There’s still plenty of time to turn summer 2009 into an unforgettable experience of a lifetime, so if you’re looking for a fun, unique and rewarding summer adventure to tell your friends about, Spain has just what you’re looking for.

Spaniards adore the long, sunny days and warm evenings of summer and make the most out of each day, enjoying all that their country has to offer and happily encouraging visitors to do the same. Along with year-round attractions like museums, palaces and historical sights spanning the centuries, there are a few aspects of Spain that are best experienced in summer, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Continue reading…

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