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What to do in Seville in the Fall?

Many people think fall is the perfect time to see Seville. Temperatures are mild, tourists have started to clear out of the city, many terraces are still open and strolling through the streets and parks starts to be a real pleasure.

But what surprises, places and activities await us in this noble and loyal city in the autumn?

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Sevilla’s April Fair: curiosities and anecdotes

One of the most eye-catching and well known feasts, not only in Andalucía, but in the whole of Spain has started. Ladies and gentlemen: Sevilla’s April Fair is on!
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Learn Spanish at the Feria de Sevilla (April Fair)

Get to know the heart of folkloric Spain where you can revel in the scent of orange trees, the clacking of flamenco shoes, the beautiful women in traditional costumes and the heat of the Andalusian sun! Continue reading…

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