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The Best Summer Destinations to Learn Spanish

Are you thinking about learning Spanish this summer? Read on to find more about the best summer destinations for you to go to…

Spain is a beautiful country with so many unique towns and cities to visit, but if you’re thinking of going during the summer, then the temperature is worth bearing in mind, as in inland Spain temperatures can soar to often unbearable heights.  Coastal regions are more pleasant during the summer months, and of course you have the added bonus of going to the beach after you have finished your day in the classroom!
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The new Enfocamp season begins

One more year our summer camps have opened their doors. Our facilities in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Salamanca, Granada, Valencia and Marbella are full with students willing to learn and have a lot of fun for some weeks.

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Spanish in Spain Semester

Study in SpainWhy not make this semester a Spanish in Spain semester? We offer a variety of Spanish classes in Spain’s most popular cities tailored to all imaginable levels. Upon your arrival you’ll take a placement test to determine the most effective class for your level. We teach with the ultra-modern Communicative Approach, so in our classes you will acquire Spanish by having real-life conversations with the teacher and never rote-learning abstract grammar. Continue reading…

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