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Spanish dialects around the world

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, and the principles for this language are basically the same, but everywhere you go, whether it be in Spain or Latin America, the Spanish language is spoken slightly differently; in a different dialect. Continue reading…


Code-Switching: How bilinguals switch between languages

People who learn two languages from an early age can switch between languages without even a second thought, sometimes even in the same sentence: It is known as “code-switching”. But how do they do it?

According to research, these lucky individuals have two separate processing modes/sound systems for each language, meaning that they can easily be distinguished in their head. When discussing the differences between two languages, the most obvious differences of words and grammatical rules are there, but people forget the simplest reason is that the sounds for each language are different. Continue reading…


Enforex participates in the International Congress of Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Languages

Innovation, debate and technique held hands in the I International Congress of Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Languages. This Congress, held at the Dehesa de la Villa University Campus (Madrid) is organized by the Antonio de Nebrija University, and is born with the spirit of becoming an essential date in the world of the teaching of languages. In the next video, you can see a summary of the contents and the philosophy of this congress.

Continue reading…


Enforex application for your Apple devices

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can also have Enforex. It has taken some time to announce it but now the moment has arrived: the Enforex Spain Pocket Guide is now also available for Apple products.
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Characters who Give out Gifts in Spain

A friend of ours told us that, once, when he was little, he asked his grandmother how the Three Kings were able to bring toys on time to all the children in Spain. The old woman, who knew many of the old traditions, told the boy that the kings weren’t the only ones who gave out gifts on Christmas. In fact, there were many who helped them. Continue reading…


Enforex participation in the III Meeting for ELE Teachers

The III Meeting for ELE Teachers (Encuentro para Profesores ELE), organized by the Fundación Comillas, will take place in Comillas on November 10, 11 and 12. Under the theme “Competence of ELE Teachers: Knowledge and Strategies to Develop Tasks in the Classroom”, it will include lectures, round tables and exchanges aimed at addressing all the needs of the ELE teaching staff. Continue reading…


Spanish (in the) beach

Let us be honest: Spain may deservedly be known for its interesting culture, its phenomenal gastronomy and its numberless places in which to enjoy oneself. But if we ask people what is it they like best about our country, the answer will be, “The sun and the beach”. Especially this time of year. Continue reading…


The Origin of Las Fallas

It is one of the most well known fiestas in Spain and the most important festival in Valencia: Las Fallas. Continue reading…


Enforex takes part in Spanish as a Second Language Congress: “II Encuentros ELE Comillas”

The training course, titled “The teacher of Spanish as a Second Language: methodology, techniques and resources for the classroom”, will take place during the congress “ II Encuentros ELE Comillas” on 18 – 20 November. During the course, various aspects and methodologies of the teaching of Spanish as a second language will be discussed, while at the same time new approaches to language learning will be suggested. The general aim is to provide teachers and professionals active in this line of work with the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and new developments in language research. Continue reading…

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