Chinese New Year in Spain

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is starting to be an important event in some Spanish cities. Two factors have contributed to this fact; first is the growth of the Asian population in Spain, and second is the Spanish population’s fascination with this ancient culture. Each year more and more people take part in these activities, increasingly organized by official institutions and we are able to see the celebratory side of this country of increasing importance on a global scale.


The most well known celebration may well be the one that takes place in the multicultural neighborhood of Madrid, Lavapies. The stores put out decorations, the neighborhood’s Chinese population put on traditional dress and there is a colorful parade with the famous dances of the lion and dragon. To all of this is added a concert put on by the Chinese Embassy in the National Music Auditorium and the cultural activities organized by the Cultural Center of China in Plaza de España.

In Barcelona, the key is the interesting mix of Chinese and Catalan culture. Imagine a traditional Chinese parade as it passes by the Sagrada Familia! This celebration also has no shortage of events that, in addition to Chinese culture, incorporate human pyramids, and giants and devils armed with all kinds of fireworks. It’s a celebration of diversity!


Valencia has a lot in common with China, from the happy nature of their colorful festivals to the prominence of fire and the use of pyrotechnics in parades with interesting characters. In the city of Fallas, where the smell and sounds of gunpowder fills the streets and where rice is the star of gastronomy, how could the Chinese New Year not be triumphant?

As you can see, now there’s no need to travel thousands of miles to feel like you’re part of this enormous millennial country. What about you? How are you going to spend the Chinese New Year?

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