Bilingualism in the United States in figures

Some people think that Spanish could become the most spoken language in the United States, others think that it is no big deal; but everything points towards the fact that our language is really important in this country. And because figures are worth a thousand words, here are some of the most eye-catching ones about Spanish in the United States.


  • The Latin American community accounts for 17.1 % of the United States´ total population.
  • 40 million people speak Spanish, which is 12% of the United States’ total population.
  • 95% of the Latinos living in the United States think that it is important for future generations to speak Spanish.
  • 62% of the adult Hispanics living in the United States speak English or are bilingual.
  • 38% of the adult Hispanics living in the United States express themselves better in Spanish.
  • >42% of the Hispanics aged between 18 and 29 are bilingual.
  • 70% of the Hispanics aged between 16 and 25 use Spanglish on a regular basis.
  • To date 15 books have been published in Spanglish and they are available in most of New York’s public libraries.
  • In 2000 there were around 260 bilingual educational programs in the United States, in 2014 this figure rose to 2000.
  • An example: in the state of Illinois 10% of the student population already speaks a mother tongue other than English. 8 out of 10 of them are of Latin American descent.

With this in mind, could we make a prediction about what the future holds for Cervantes’ language in the land of Mark Twain?  Whatever happens, I am sure it will be fascinating

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