2020 Olympic Games

There’s not long left to find out who will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games. On 7th September 2013 in Buenos Aires, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will select the host city for the summer Olympics which will take place in just under seven years’ time. But who is it going to be?

The three possibilities are that of Istanbul, Tokyo, or Spain’s very own capital city, Madrid.

This is Madrid’s third bid in row, and although the city has never hosted before, Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992. Madrid is eager to have the opportunity this time, even recently organizing a 10k night-time run through the metro tunnels, as a way to show support and to gain more publicity for the cause.

If Madrid wins it will only be the second time Spain has held the Olympic Games. Madrid already has in place a number of venues it would use for certain sports, 27 out of the required 36 to be precise. To give a few examples, Parque de Buen Retiro is the proposed site for Beach Volleyball, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium for the football finals, and even Las Ventas bullring has been proposed for basketball, which is certainly something a bit different! Other venues in Spain outside of Madrid would be used for more football events, and indeed sailing.


There should be many factors going in Madrid’s favor to win the hosting for the Games, but it seems to be the back runner, behind Istanbul and the even “safer” option of Tokyo, which is believed to be the favorite among the Committee. Madrid, however, could massively benefit from the Olympics, and could do a good job of hosting it. It is no secret that Spain in general is experiencing massive economic problems, although this seems to be getting ever so slightly and progressively better. Many worry that this will be a hindrance to their ability to host the games, however we must remain hopeful that seven years down the line the situation will have dramatically improved. In any case, this boost to the economy that the Olympic Games would indeed bring is exactly what Madrid needs. Following the prime example of Barcelona, who reportedly ran up 6 billion dollars of debt, benefited enormously, and is now one of the thriving international tourism capitals of Europe.

Whatever the outcome, a summer of Olympic Games is always something to look forward to, but as for who hosts it, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Madrid on the 7th September 2013.

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