What to do in Seville in the Fall?

Many people think fall is the perfect time to see Seville. Temperatures are mild, tourists have started to clear out of the city, many terraces are still open and strolling through the streets and parks starts to be a real pleasure.

But what surprises, places and activities await us in this noble and loyal city in the autumn?

Let’s start with some of its traditional treasures. At this time of year, a visit to the Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de la Sede) becomes a truly intimate and almost mythical experience. All of the tourists have practically disappeared in the fall and we’re free to look at the art in this gothic, Christian cathedral (the biggest one in the world) in all its splendor, in peace. We can even go up into the Giralda without waiting in line!


Secondly, let’s take a look at the Alcázar of Seville and its beautiful gardens. Walking through the estate that spans historically from the Middle Ages Mudéjar period to the Renaissance, with mild temperatures, creates a perfect, romantic setting. And don’t forget that starting in September, the Alcázar becomes a venue for concerts and festivals!

If you’ve always wanted to see a famous procession or romeria in Seville, but can’t make it to Holy Week (Semana Santa), there are also great things to see in the fall. For example, on October 12 a procession with Our Lady of the Pillar takes place, and, in the emblematic neighborhood Triana, a procession with La Virgen del Rosario from the Parroquia de Santa Ana can be seen on the same day.

And since we’ve mentioned Triana… its shopping area is always bustling with activity in the fall. It is full of all kinds of stores, as well as tastings and workshops that will delight all the foodies out shopping.

Fall is also the perfect season for taking different tourist routes, like those that travel through the city’s Arabic history, or its Sephardic neighborhood, or those that pass through the places Columbus spent time before leaving for America.

And finally, although it’s 45 kilometers from the city center, we should also mention Seville’s Sierra Norte, a pleasant surprise for many visitors, with its hiking trails, interesting rock formations and wild life.


With all of these treasures in mind, there’s only one thing left to say: the writer, Antonio Gala, may just have been right when he said, “What’s bad is not that Sevillians think they have the most beautiful city in the world… it’s that they may even be right.”

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