Spanish Wines

An old Spanish adage says “al vino y al niño hay que criarlos con cariño” (children and wine must be raised with love). It is not to wonder that we consider this drink not only a part of our culture, but also a part of our being.

That’s right. In fact wine is the most representative drink of our country. It is true that our wines have been eclipsed by the French and Italian wines for a very long time, but happily the Spanish wines are ever more famous and appreciated outside our borders.

Spanish wine

Who hasn’t had a glass of sherry to whet our appetites? Or a glass of Pedro Ximénez with dessert? Or hasn’t tasted a good portion of scallops with albariño? Or who would say no to a good pork chop with a Rioja wine?

There are many and much varied. One for each occasion. If we also add the wines from Argentina and Chile, we’ll find out there’s a whole universe to discover and to toast with.

Can we aspire to finding a selection of Spanish wines which tells us which is the best one for a particular moment? We’d like to say yes, but unfortunately on the one hand and fortunately on the other, there is such a variety that we’d have to change this space about Spanish culture and language into a monothematic place.

What we can aspire to is knowledge of the vast world of wine so we know which onw to pick. In the 21st century we can find an enormous amount of websites dedicated to designations of origin, wine regions or their special characteristics. Some of them are precisely aimed at an international audience.

We invite our readers to investigate, get acquainted with but specially to enjoy a lifestyle concentrated in a glass.

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