Spanish Gains Ground in New York

A few days ago we wrote an article proving how Spanish is an increasingly important and popular language. But there’s nothing like hearing a headline like this: in a city as important as New York, most students choose to study Spanish as their foreign language.

But why? Most of these students, according to New York’s Department of Education, have Latino roots and want to learn the language of their parents and grandparents. However, there has also been a significant increase in Anglo-Saxon students whose parents are aware of the importance and strength of our language when it comes to areas of interest like the economy.

For people like Carmen Fariña, Chancellor of the Department of Education in New York, who has Spanish parents, or Milady Báez, Deputy Chancellor of the city’s bilingual program, with Dominican roots, this is a big step. Spanish has moved from being a language left on the sidelines in New York, to being increasingly important with an ever increasing presence in important institutions. Specifically, Báez notes that knowing how to speak Spanish has changed from being something people are shy about to something people are proud of.


New York opens its arms to Spanish; a language of the future for the future.

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