Enforex and “la tomatina”

The past August 31t the streets of Buñol (Valencia) witnessed a battle that dyed the town red. Fortunately there were no victims except for a few tons of tomatoes.

Of course, we are talking about “tomatina”, a party that is celebrated each year and that begins to be as much or even more famous than the classic “San Fermin” party.


The popularity of the great tomato massacre stands on two pillars: the human instinct to organize food battles and the catharsis experimented at throwing something at another person.

So, where does this custom come from? The story says that in 1944 a gang of kids fought with another by throwing vegetables during a parade. This confrontation became a custom with time. However it didn’t become popular in the rest of Spain and part of the world until 1980, when the famous program “Informe Semanal” mentioned it. Today it has become a National Interest Party acknowledged by the authorities.


Of course, we couldn’t let the opportunity to go by without taking our Barcelona students to watch this epic battle. They liked it so much that they ended up participating like any warrior, covered in red and with a merciless thirst for tomato juice.

Before tomatina

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