Instagram in Spanish

You probably already have an Instagram account and you must know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. So it should come as no surprise that the photo and video social network has announced with great fanfare that it has created an account for its Spanish-speaking followers.

This is Instagram’s first global account in a destination other than English. It is true that there have been accounts in other languages, but they’re focused on specific countries like Russia, India, and Japan.

The idea is to share memorable moments around the Spanish-speaking world, where users will find updates, links to the accounts of celebrated personalities… it’s an account that many of you are going to love!

By the way, did you know that we have an Instagram account too? In it, you can see what our classes are like, what our students are up to, and which destinations we offer.





So if you’re interested in the world of Spanish then you can check out our account too: we have plenty of great stuff to show you!

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