New Enforex BlogWelcome, fellow Spanish enthusiasts and enthusiasts-in-training, to our brand-new official Enforex blog! Following the overwhelming success and popularity of our former, now-retired blog, we have decided to relocate our blogging activities to our own servers. Here, we will make it our life’s work – well, a part of it anyway – to offer you all sorts of new options while maintaining, if not surpassing, the top-notch quality that you have come to both enjoy and expect from our posts.

Our objective continues to be to open your eyes and fascinate your mind with interesting tidbits and helpful information about all things Spanish: language, travel, culture, gastronomy… the sky’s the limit! One day we may be talking about the Spanish affinity for ham or pyrotechnic festivals and the next about the evolution of “Spanglish”. There’s just no telling where this adventure will lead us or what topics will pique our interests, but we certainly hope you’ll climb aboard for the ride!

Check in from time to time – with your morning coffee, after dinner, at work when the boss isn’t looking, etc. – to see what has caught the attention of our bloggers and inspired them to put pen to paper… or, in this modern age, fingertips to keyboard. To wrap up this little introductory post, we want to extend our very sincerest welcome, thank you for stopping by and invite you to continue giving us feedback just as you have in the past. We’d love to hear from you!

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