The new Enfocamp season begins

One more year our summer camps have opened their doors. Our facilities in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Salamanca, Granada, Valencia and Marbella are full with students willing to learn and have a lot of fun for some weeks.

The classes, activities and the life together with international students are not only enriching experiences for our students, but also for us. Every year we learn new things that push us to improve in the next season. We have been organizing these camps since 1989, so the reader can imagine that all this experience has established our colonies amongst the most prestigious of their kind.


Everything is taken care of to the detail: both the classes and the activities have been designed to optimize learning and encourage communication and cooperation amongst our students. We have also organized workshops, excursions and parties without losing the holiday perspective: let’s not forget that the students don’t go to school anymore and their intention is to have fun.

We also take care of the communication: thanks to the “Enfocamp Club” space on our website, both parents and students can keep track of what happens at the different camps every day. The contents have an attractive form (comments and photos that can be shared through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti) to promote the cooperation between campers. And not only that: every day those who are enrolled in a camp will receive a newsletter with events and reviews of what has happened in their email inbox. We have tried to blend information and fun, and the fact that this is the fourth year of life of “Enfocamp Club” shows that our formula works and stimulates.

Welcome to Enfocamp

So we welcome all the new students wishing them that these camps turn into an enriching stay of which they will have many pleasant memories.

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