2nd Photography Competition at Enforex Valencia

August saw Enforexes second digital photography competition take place, carried out by students from the United States. The basis of the competition was simple. Groups of students were designated a particular colour and the students had to take the most pictures they could in which their group’s colour was the dominant feature in the image.

After various days of excursions and visits around the city (Alameda, City of the Arts, historic centre, Port America’s Cup, Gulliver, etc) our “professional photographers” set up a photo-montage of their favourite pictures.

The result was quite impressive and the winning montage was that of the colour blue. These type of activities are highly popular with students as through photography they get to know the most important areas of the city in a fun way which allows them to fully integrate themselves into the city of Valencia.

At Enforex we are always thinking up new and exciting activities for our students to enjoy.

Azul - Allison y Juliana

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